Proclear Toric XR 6 pack


For those with a high level of astigmatism, you can still enjoy the benefits of Proclear Toric with the extended (XR) range of powers.

    • Stable orientation and excellent vision
    • Stay 96% hydrated throughout the day, even after 12 hours of wear
    • Extended power range also available for higher levels of astigmatism
    • May help address eye dryness when wearing contact lenses
    • Diameter: 14.4
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If you have astigmatism, your eyesight can be blurry or distorted when looking at both near and far objects. CooperVision® Proclear® toric contacts correct this problem. Even if you have a high level of astigmatism, you can enjoy the benefits of Proclear toric lenses thanks to our extended range (XR) of powers. hanks to our PC Technology, water molecules actually become a part of the Proclear toric contact lens, creating a natural resistance to dryness.

Package Details:

  • 6 pack
  • Monthly disposal

Manufactured by CooperVision