Clariti 1 Day 90 pack


The healthier way to whiter, brighter eyes for your nearsighted or farsighted vision.

  • Ease and convenience
  • Whiter, brighter eyes
  • Nearsighted and farsighted vision correction
  • Amazing affordability
  • Moisture means comfort
  • UV protection
  • Base curve: 8.6
  • Diameter: 14.3


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There’s a lot to love about clariti® 1 day contact lenses.  Ease and convenience, all-day comfort, and a high oxygen-lens at the cost of a low-oxygen one.

Clariti 1 day contact lenses allow up to 3x2 the oxygen to reach your eye, which makes for a healthier* lens-wearing experience and whiter, brighter,1 more comfortable eyes.

Package Details:

  • 90 pack
  • Daily disposal

Manufactured by CooperVision