Frequency 55 Aspheric 6 pack


Monthly contacts for nearsighted or farsighted vision.

  • Monthly replacement schedule
  • Correct nearsighted or farsighted vision
  • Designed to enhance vision quality with great comfort
  • Diameter: 14.4
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CooperVision® Frequency® 55 aspheric contact lenses provide you with enhanced vision quality by focusing light to a common focal point on the back of your eye, instead of a general area. The aspheric design gives you greater image resolution and an increased depth of focus.

With Frequency 55 aspheric lenses you’ll enjoy crisper, more precise vision in addition to comfort, easy handling, and strong performance. Ask your eye care professional about Frequency 55 aspheric lenses.

Package Details:

  • 6 pack
  • Monthly disposal

Manufactured by CooperVision